Wednesday 11^th^ April 2018, 7.30pm at 19 London Lane

1Apologies - Mark Tribe and Geoff Taylor
2Minutes of last Meeting – Approved and signed Matters Arising
  • The date of the Summer BBQ was changed to 8th July 2018 (amended after the meeting from 15 Jul, that clashed with a golf match).
  • Tackling plastic waste generated by the shop was a priority and coffee cups, packaging on deliveries and recycling were discussed.
  • The AGM was to be held at The Swan Inn on 13th June 2018 at 7.30pm
3Shop Manager’s Report (appended)
  • The shop had its annual clean.
  • Ordering would have to be reassessed in view of changing sales patterns.
  • Bake off and F & V waste had to be reduced, the problems were discussed.
  • The smoked products from the new supplier MacNeil’s Smokehouse were excellent.
4Treasurer’s Report (appended)
  • The new Personal Data Protection regulations would need to be complied with. This means checking that our current lists of volunteers, shareholders and staff are all up to date and seeking individuals’ agreement about the data held – home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.
5Staff/Personnel Report
  • Matt and Eleanor had fully completed their training and were doing a fantastic job.
  • Covering shifts was however a continuing problem and paying for extra shifts to be covered was not sustainable in the long term.
  • When Lawton was on shift on a Sunday morning extra cover was needed for the first hour as he had no “buddy” cover as all other Sunday shift volunteers had. Tony would provide the cover whenever he could.
6Marketing & Communications
  • An article would be submitted to the forthcoming Grapevine magazine and an updated Flyer to advertise the shop.
  • It was noted that the footfall of customers had dropped from 41,700 in 2012 to a predicted 32,000 based on the first three months of 2018.
  • There was recently a problem with the till moving and knocking the PDQ plug out of its socket. Geoff was to be asked to look at this with a view to protecting the connections.
8Any other Business
  • Further discussion on plastic waste and biodegradable alternatives
  • The Parish Council wished to have 3 defibrillators within the village and the viability of installing one at the shop was discussed. Nick expressed concern that the electrical circuits in the shop are at maximum capacity so it would need to be plumbed directly into the supply box, as the new A/C unit was.
9Date of next meeting A brief meeting would be held at 7pm Wednesday 13th June, 2018 before the AGM at The Swan Inn, followed by a formal Committee meeting on Wednesday 20th June, 2018 at 19 London Lane to discuss the actions needed following the shareholders’ comments.

The meeting closed at 9pm.