Minutes Of The Management Committee Meeting Held On Thursday 13th October 2016 at 7.30 pm in The Swan

1. Apologies


2. Appointment of Chairman & Treasurer

Chairman Nick Leadbetter

Proposed Bridgette Crundwell, Seconded SallyJordan, agreed unanimously

Treasurer Stuart Fox

Proposed Nick Leadbetter, Seconded Bridgette Crundwell, agreed unanimously

3. Minutes of last Meeting and Matters Arising

The Summer BBQ was a great success. An annual event for our volunteers will be continued. Next year’s ideas will be discussed at the next Meeting.

We currently have a Standard Insurance Policy which is topped up with a Legal & Commercial policy. In addition, insurance is paid to the landlords - Empire Homes. Cover exists for stock held in all freezers, despite age, but the excess is increased to 20% of loss for freezers over 10 years old.

On renewal, we shall remain with the same company but not renew the top up policy and modify the Standard cover so that it does not include cover that is not required, bringing about an overall reduction in price.

Nick will submit copy to the next Grapevine.

On behalf of the Committee a huge vote of thanks was given to Geoff for painting the shop, carrying out running repairs, improving the car park area and renovating the shop sign on the village green.

The waste and Biffa bins all now have clear labels.

4. Shop Managers Report

The Ice Cream freezer has been replaced and looks bright and fresh

We have a new supply of fresh local meat from Patrick Strainge in Bampton – ‘Quality Meat sourced from Local Farms’. They deliver on Thursday and special orders are most welcome.

We have had problems with the new PDQ machine and have needed to rely on the expertise of our ‘techi’ guys at XR Solutions on several recent occasions. A log will be kept to monitor the situation and Bridgette will seek the cost of an uninterrupted power supply connection to eliminate any power irregularity.

A freezer and equipment replacement schedule is to be drawn up by Nick and Bridgette, the Cook freezer will be done next but we are waiting to see if we get a Grant application accepted. Regardless this will be replaced and when the time to replace the upright freezer in the shop comes around it will be replaced by a double unit.

5. Treasurers Report

Sales in September of £11,634 are not only better than forecast but have beaten 2015's total of £10,910 by £724, an improvement of 6.6%.

This reduces the sales fall for the nine months to date to 5.47% which is very good news when during the first three months of this year we were 9.39% down on 2015.

Customer visits this month are down 3.95%, but the good news is that spend per visit has increased from £3.84 to £4.29 (11.72%). Good sellers in September this year were Tobacco up (sales doubled), alcohol (up 44%).

Our profit for the month is £293. with most overheads in line or better than forecast. The only exceptions are maintenance which is £87 higher than budget and wages that are £82 higher.

Maintenance includes electrical repairs £65 and cost of removing and disposing of the old ice cream freezer £80. Wages included higher than forecasted holiday cover costs.

For the year to date we achieved a profit of £769, after deducting the cost of the BBQ which totalled £967, compared with a forecast of £1,766 and last year's profit of £1,454. In comparison with last year overheads are in total almost the same and the fall in profit relates to lower margins because of lower sales. This accounts for £634.

In line with the requirement to pay the Living Wage to everyone over 25, salaries will be reviewed in October and updated accordingly.

The annual forecast is dependent upon the replacement of equipment schedule but weekly sales are predicted at £2500 on average, the same as this past year

The date for the Annual Stocktake is Sunday 8th January 2017, after closing at 12 am. We will ask for help in this task from as many of our volunteers as are willing to help. After the stocktake a Report will be written to enable the Treasurer to produce more accurate monthly figures. This will be done by XR solutions.

6. Staff & Personnel Report

We desperately need more volunteers and a voucher to spend in the shop will be given to anyone who can introduce a friend or neighbour to join us. The Saturday and Sunday teams are both looking for help just on a monthly or even 6 weekly basis. Nick will include a short piece on this in the next Grapevine article.

7. Marketing and Communications

Welcome packs are an excellent way to raise awareness of the shop to new residents in the village. It is often difficult to know when a new resident has moved in. The Parish Council is made aware of changes to the Register of Electors and Mark will let members know when he receives such information. On receiving the pack, new residents will be invited to buy a £10 share in the shop, which enables individuals to have a say on its running.

The shop needs more ‘e visibility’ i.e. Twitter and Facebook, so Nick will consider this. [Afternote: The hope was to ask the school if we might start this by tagging onto its own Twitter A/C but sadly the school does not have one. Nick will research this more carefully with Jack Morgan before the next Meeting]

Signposting is being considered from the main road (although cost is likely to make this unaffordable), as is a Charlbury Station poster.

It was agreed that a stall at the Xmas Market is not viable this year

8. Any other Business

A Spring clean of the whole shop will be needed in the New Year. Nick will ask if individuals on Community Sentence might be tasked to help.

The July Minutes were approved and signed.

The next meeting is Thursday 12th January 2017 at The Swan

The Meeting finished at 9.30pm