Minutes Of The Management Committee Meeting Held On Thursday 7th July 2016 at 7.30 pm in The Swan

1. Apologies


2. Election of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer

  • Stuart - Chairman for 3 months
  • Mark - Vice Chairman
  • Nick - Treasurer (name only)
  • Sally - Secretary (duties undertaken as a Shareholder and Committee member, requiring no remuneration this was offered and declined)

3. Minutes of last Meeting and Matters arising:

The Minutes were signed by Stuart and the Summer BBQ is to be arranged for Sunday 14th August.

4. Shop Managers Report (circulated in advance by BC)

Madhuban Curry Sauces were introduced in response to customer requests. Sell-by dates are excellent but if we continue to sell as few as two per month it may become non-viable to continue to stock them, Bridgette will be monitoring this.

The Dry Cleaning service is time consuming for volunteers and staff plus financially, hardly worth the effort. However, following a lengthy discussion it was agreed that we will continue for the time being as we may well lose valuable custom by ceasing to offer this Community service. If customers were to take their dry cleaning to Shipton, they may well do their shopping there also. Once a ticket has been handed over, any waiting customers may then be served, thus allowing the dry cleaning process to be completed during quiet periods.

The bio-degradable clear printed vest carriers have arrived and have been attracting very positive comments. The new Jute Bags have also arrived – wider than previous models, two toned green and cream, with the addition of our strap line & contact details printed upon the gussets.

5. Treasurers Report

The profit for the month is £234 and for the year to date £371. This compares well with the same period in 2015 despite sales being 10% lower. Compared with 2015 we have saved £1,057 in overhead costs and improved our gross margin by 3/4%. The main overhead savings during the six months have been; wages, maintenance, electricity and credit card charges.

Fitting our new bicycle racks and building the exterior display table cost £270 and rather than include this cost in full in June's accounts Stuart will be amortising this over the remainder of our financial year.

Looking at June in isolation our wage costs are higher than forecast as we have had to bring in more paid staff to cover holidays etc. Our water bill is £46 higher than forecast because of the toilet water leak. The water usage has been checked over the last seven days and it is back to our normal low consumption. Sundry costs are £40 higher than budget and this is a one-off charge as a result of the £90 costs of our AGM.

Our insurance costs are being checked to see if these can be reduced at renewal. We have applied to the District Council asking them to increase our 80% charity rates relief discount to 100% bringing us in line with other businesses with a low rateable value.

It should be noted that cashback is discretionary, whilst very useful for customers, it is essential that Till Staff check the amount of £20 and £10 notes in the till when they take over their shift.

It has to be stressed we need to keep a float of £250 in the till for opening up the following day, therefore early in the day it is unwise to give other than small amounts of cashback.

6. Staff & Personnel Report

Mark said the Saturday team is going well and thanks to Gaynor’s sterling efforts all vacant weekday slots are filled without too much resource to paid staff. However we very much need to welcome a few new faces behind the counter to help spread the workload.

We are well aware of all the hard work our Volunteers put in and Mark & Sarah will be hosting a BBQ “Get Together” on Sunday 14th August from 12 – 4pm to include partners, children and any friend who might like to meet us with a view to joining our team. We want this to be a real social occasion, hopefully the weather will be kind and everyone can put faces to some of the names on the Rota they do not know yet !

7. Marketing & Communications

Nick will be giving thought to marketing and preparing copy for the forthcoming Grapevine magazine. We intend to place a marketing flyer in the August issue of the Grapevine and all committee members were asked to make suggestions about what should be included.

One was that we should attempt to gather as many customer emails as possible so that we could keep them informed of special offers, price reductions etc.

Additionally as it is many years since the initial shares were sold in the shop, it would be good to approach newcomers to the village and give them the opportunity to engage more closely with the community by supporting the shop and buying a share.

8. Any Other Business

Geoffrey has offered to assist with maintenance and it was noted some freezers need defrosting and the car park hedge has grown considerable since being professionally done in the autumn.

Mark has acquired a small bistro table and chairs for seating outside.

The Biffa and bins need Notices on to clarify that only recyclable waste can go in the Biffa and general waste goes in the dark grey bin. The Biffa has been used by the general public to dispose of unwanted items which needs to be deterred.

Meetings will take place every 3 months and the next meeting is arranged for Thursday 20th October.

The Meeting finished at 9.30pm.