Minutes Of Meeting Held On Tuesday 16th February 2016

  1. Apologies :

    None and Jane Young was invited to attend

    John Cull opened the meeting by congratulating Bridgette, Staff and all the volunteers for all their hard work, which enabled the shop to have a successful year in 2015 despite falling Sales.

  2. Minutes of last Meeting and Matters Arising:

    The Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 27th October 2015 were approved and signed.

    The Volunteers evening was very well attended and another is being planned for the summer.

    The car park is once more looking smart and we hope to maintain this with the help of volunteers.

    A decision is to be made regarding placement and type of bike rack to be installed. (SJ) (BC) (SR)

    Vapes will not be stocked for the time being.

    New Fire Extinguishers will be installed shortly.

  3. Shop Managers Report:

    Christmas Order Forms were distributed in early November which resulted in a marked improvement on our 2015 festive seasonal orders and all Christmas stock sold well.

    The new shop awning will be installed before the end of the month following receipt of a £500 grant from Cottsway Housing Association.

    We are ordering biodegradable clear printed vest carrier bags, which will carry the shop logo.

    Stocktaking went well, improvements had been made to its execution which were successful and speeded up the overall process. Thanks go to Bridgette and Chris George for their sterling efforts to achieve this and all the stock take volunteers.

    Bread waste seems inevitable and we would invite volunteers to please take any frozen bread they can use from the back freezer as needed, small loaves have been added to our selection.

    Fresh flowers are to be trialled.

  4. Treasurers Report

    It was noted that we have free bank balances of £27,000.

    Our 2015 profit was £3,328 an improvement on 2014’s £2,737, despite sales falling by 9.22%. Gross margins increased by 1.06% and we reduced overhead costs by £2,737 thereby offsetting the effects of falling sales. The management committee agreed the 2015 accounts and these were signed by the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and will be sent to Chapman Worth, our reporting accountants, for verifying against the company’s books and records.

    In January 2016 sales once again showed of fall of 8.48% compared with 2015, but again thanks to low overheads we managed to break-even.

    The Treasurer produced a budget for 2016 showing sales of £133,296 and a net profit of £1,721. In view of the continuing fall in sales during January and February this budget may be rather optimistic. A further budget was discussed showing what our profit/loss would be if sales averaged £2,000 or £2,250 per week. Looking at these figures it was agreed that we must aim to achieve average sales of £2,500 per week in order to make a small surplus

    It was agreed that the AGM will be held on 21st June starting at 7.30pm, preferably at the Swan. John Cull would speak to Richard Haddon to see if this could be arranged

  5. Staff /Personnel Report

    The 4 hour Saturday morning shift has been split and is going well, it is a good introduction to working in the shop as volunteers generally work in pairs. The Rota is out for the next 6 months so it is hoped more people will sign up. (MT)

    Kathy and Rosemary are kindly preparing a Refresher training programme and will be contacting all those who have expressed an interest week commencing 20th Feb. (SJ)

    Gaynor & Geoffrey have taken over the Rota from Jane and got off to a splendid start, once again huge thanks to Jane who will be covering for them whilst they are away.

    The committee are actively pursuing contact with possible new volunteers and we will announce any additions to the team in due course. (MT)

  6. Marketing & Communications :

    The Aldi in Chipping Norton will be opening on 3rd March which will offer us the opportunity of sourcing many new products cheaply. We shall certainly take advantage of promotions and pass on these savings to customers on all their essential items. (BC)

    The shop will have an article and flyer in each edition of the Grapevine but it is also felt that flyers need to be distributed to all houses in the village more regularly. This way we can advertise the latest promotions on a regular basis and hopefully attract new customers to our shop. (JC/BC)

    The Loyalty Draw is to be re-started from the beginning of March – spend £10 and enter the draw for a £20 voucher prize. (TJ)

    We are to look at new Ice Creams, again perhaps sourcing some more cheaply.

    The date for the AGM will be Tuesday 21st June 2016 @ 7pm hopefully at The Swan, a free drink will be provided on arrival and it may well be Curry Night for anyone interested.

    Nominations are currently being sought for Committee/Chairperson. (All)

  7. Any Other Business

    Late Night Opening carried forward.

    Volunteers BBQ to be arranged

Meeting finished at 9.30pm Date of next meeting 24/05/2016