Minutes of last Meeting and Matters Arising:

The Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 1st September were approved and signed.

  • Business cards have been printed and placed in the shop for customers
  • The Volunteers evening will take place on Thursday 29th October
  • Rosemary & Kathy will shortly be commencing Training Refreshers with volunteers, after further discussion with Bridgette
  • A contractor has been found to cut back the car park bushes, the date to be arranged ideally on a Saturday afternoon when the shop is closed.
  • The handwashing sink is currently rectified.

Shop Managers Report:

  • Wyckham Farm produce and Tom’s Pies are selling well and order forms will shortly be available for Christmas.
  • Christmas stock is now starting to arrive and Bridgette has been taking advantage of special offers in local supermarkets and found some really good bargains to pass on to customers.
  • Progress is being made towards stocking Vapes but ideally on a sale or return basis.
  • Rebooting the till if it powers-down at any time will be covered in the forthcoming training, it is straightforward by following the instructions calmly!
  • We are still awaiting confirmation from Cottesway regarding funding for the awning.

Treasurers Report:

Bank balance today is £25,295 an increase of £35 since our last meeting.

Looking at the September results sales were £1,973 below forecast, but thanks to better margins, lower waste and overheads we still achieved a profit of £489, compared with a forecast profit of £105. The main overhead savings against budget were; wages £349, Maintenance £118, Promotion £75 and electricity £190 (thanks to the new chiller, lower temperatures and adjusting the aircon. thermostat. Our new 12 month electricity supply contract starts on 1st November and this should give a further small saving.

For the year to date sales are down £9387 (8.37%) compared with the same period last year. For the nine months to 30th September we have made a profit of £1,454 (2014 £2,702)


  • The Saturday club is getting established and is ideal for people to get involved on an infrequent basis, we only need a few more people to join in to make this a huge success.
  • Jane’s last paid Friday shift will be 30/10/15 to enable her to pursue other employment opportunities but she is still very involved in the shop and happy to fill in as required, we are particularly grateful to her for taking over the Rota in November whilst John is abroad on business. We are grateful to Gaynor and Geoffrey Taylor have kindly agreed to take this over after being fully familiarised with it. We are looking for more voluntary staffing to cover some of the Friday shifts if possible.

Research Findings:

The questionnaires were discussed in detail and Richard Squires has done an excellent job of producing charts to show clearly how the shop is progressing.

Marketing and Communications:

  • Volunteers evening arrangements are going well with a good many people coming.
  • We have had very good feedback from volunteers and customers and a newsletter will go out after the get together, we shall be spotlighting all our dedicated volunteers in a group picture on the night.
  • A Christmas Flyer will be circulated throughout the village together with a Wykham Park Farm order form. All the Christmas meat orders placed through the shop will be at the same price as if purchased direct from Wykham AND there will be a gift of a half dozen eggs to accompany your order.

Any other Business:

  • The Fire extinguisher may need updating (BC)
  • The possibility of late night opening was discussed.

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday Jan 19th 2016