Welcome to the first newsletter from the new management committee. On behalf of Sally, Stuart, Mark, Bridgette our manager and myself, John we are looking forward to another memorable year for the village shop.

On Tuesday July 7th we met as a new management team at the Wychwood Golf Club in order to agree our roles and to assess where we are now, our strengths and weaknesses and our priorities for the coming year. We decided that the big challenge is to continue to stay profitable even though we face fierce competition from on line shopping and the ongoing trade war between the leading supermarkets. Sadly, we are not immune from these factors that affect our everyday lives.

As a result we have decided we would like to make changes to staffing the shop on Saturdays and our intention is to create a Saturday Club similar to the Sunday Team. Mark Tribe and myself will put our names forward but we will probably need a further five of six volunteers to make this viable. As soon as we have a team Jane will help with putting this into the rota. The intention is that each Saturday Club volunteer would probably run a Saturday shift once a month.


You have probably noticed we have just posted our fourth consecutive £3000 weekly takings. This is great news and if we can maintain this figure, our year-end profit target of £1000 should be achievable.

Shop Environment

We have recently installed a new fridge chiller by the front door. Not only will it keep the stock fresh, there will also be considerable cost savings in energy costs. We are now planning to install an awning at the front entrance where we can display seasonal products. This should offer an attractive feature to the shop and an opportunity to maximise those impulse buys!


This will be our top priority this year (as it should be every year!). We need to increase our volunteer pool and at the same time retain those who continue to provide a long-term commitment to the shop.

News & Views

  • Jane has said she will continue with the rota in the short-term. We have promised to find a replacement, as it is unfair that any one person continues to take on this responsibility permanently! If you can help, please step forward.
  • Following the AGM, Kathy and Rosemary have volunteered to reinstate annual refresher training for the till team. Systems and processes are always changing and this is an ideal opportunity to ensure everyone stays one step ahead.
  • Plans are in place to hold a volunteer social evening (possibly in September). We hope to do this at least twice a year in response to your request at the AGM. As mentioned earlier, we will be forming a volunteers’ Saturday Club, if you can help out please talk to Mark or Bridgette.
  • It is still early days in organising volunteers to collect fresh meat & other supplies each week. Bridgette is working on this and will be in touch with those of you who have said you can help out.
  • We have received comments that the hedges and bushes adjacent to the car park need some serious attention. We will look to commission someone to do this however, if you can help (or know someone who can) please let Mark or myself know.
  • Another idea that came from the AGM was to arrange a weekend collection service for those who would like to have groceries from the shop but may be arriving too late on a Friday evening. Again, this requires someone to put a simple system in place. If this is something you could help with, please let Bridgette know and we can see if we can set up a trial.
  • I’m pleased to say we have been able to donate a magnificent £225.28 (collected in the tub on the counter) for the Nepal Fund following the dreadful earthquake in April earlier this year. Nearly 9000 were killed and around 0.5million have lost their homes. Rob, the manager at Oxfam Chipping Norton was grateful for our generosity and extends his warm wishes to us all.
  • Speaking of generosity, Harry Kappen was running in the London 10K on Sunday to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer and to keep the memory alive of Wendy and Ken who both died at far too young an age from this dreadful disease. Their spirit lives on … well done Harry!

Spotlight on a Volunteer

Yes it’s that time again and the nomination goes to Rosemary Dawbarn. Rosemary has done a sterling job as secretary (and long term shop volunteer) and although we didn’t want to see her leave, we felt it was the right thing to do as we had ‘detained’ Rosemary for at least two years after we promised she could leave her post! Rosemary will continue her shifts and as, mentioned, we’re hoping she will be in charge of refresher training with Kathy. Rosemary is a great traveller with husband Mark and they are about to visit Sicily for the first time. Amongst her other ‘retirement’ activities, Rosemary is an active campanologist and a volunteer for RDA (Riding for the Disabled).

Committee Roles

  • Sally Jordan; Secretary
  • Stuart Fox; Finance
  • Mark Tribe; Volunteers & premises
  • Bridgette Crundwell; Shop manager (reports to the Shop Committee)
  • John Cull; Chairman

Onwards and upwards!

John Cull Shop Chairman