Chairman's Bit.

We advertised the role of Shop Manager and having had no applicants from among the volunteers or village, the Management Committee are delighted to announce the appointment of Bridgette Crundwell to the new position of Shop Manager, which she will officially start on June 1st. This is an exciting move forward for the shop, and we are confident that better coordination with the volunteers, paid staff, customers and suppliers will result.

Congratulations Bridgette!

On the financial side, at the end of April our sales for 2014 were about £1500 better than last year. A margin of 23% and continued savings on overheads resulted in a profit of £1500, pretty good compared to a small loss at this time last year.

One sad bit of news, for the first time in my memory we had to close the shop twice this week due to a lack of volunteer cover.

Richard ... Now over to Debra.


I continue the accolades to Bridgette and her wine buying. A friend of Harry and Karen's who is a wine buyer for Tesco was very complimentary on both the stock and value of ours in the shop, and as they say ... 'Every little helps' ... well done!


A couple of welcomes this month to Avril Rance and Mark Tribe, who join the Volunteers. Thank you both and we hope you enjoy it! A huge 'Thank You' also goes to everyone for their help and tolerance throughout the period we had the network problems, when the PC, credit card machine and printer decided not to talk to one another ... certainly a challenge of patience and perseverance for everyone involved.

Closing Shift

I received an email from one volunteer a couple of weeks ago and I and hope you agree with their comments. It's for everyone who closes the shop, either weekday or weekend. There're a few things that could be done on closing, to help the person opening up the following morning. Such as: top the milk up in the chiller (if any out the back), bring out more eggs, take any o.o.d rolls and sandwiches to the back. It's appreciated some already do this, which is great and I think you'll agree it does help, so thank you.

Fruit and Veg

Matt has kindly offered to take over some of the data input from Bridgette, so will no longer be ordering the Fruit and Veg. Would anyone like to take over this role from him?

Open Gardens

Paul Jackson is organising an Open Garden Day on June 22nd, in aid of Air Ambulance. Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to open the Shop from 2-5, if so could you please let Richard know by June 8th, thank you.


The Management team are continuing to look for new people to join the Committee, so let them know if you're interested, and finally PLEASE NOTE the AGM has now been changed to June 17th, due to a football match inconveniently being played on the other date!!!! Same time and place though ... and finally ... the good news is we're in an excellent position with volunteers, more than we've ever been ... the bad and sad news is we had to close for two 2 hour slots w/c 12th.