News from the Management Team

The key piece of news this month is the decision to go ahead with recruiting a Shop Manager. Both committees I have been involved with had this as an objective but couldn't find the funds. Debbie's decision to leave coupled with us being able to cover most of Debbie's shifts with new volunteers and more in training gives us this chance. Although the job will be part-time, at least a single person can be there to support volunteers, ensure continuity and to help pull all our actions and efforts together.


Thanks to all of you who have helped cover the till. Its been a challenging time, in the worst week, having to cover up to half the opening hours! We managed to cover all hours except for having to close one hour early one Saturday. Well Done!

Financial Performance

At the end of February, our sales were about £500 less than last year with our margin about the same. Overheads were better than expected with savings on wages, mentioned above, and maintenance and so we made a profit of £400 against a small loss at this time last year. Sales have picked up considerably in March and so we hope the results will follow.

Hello Everyone, Debra here!

There's several goodbyes and thank you's to mention this month.

First of all Debbie Dingley, who sadly made the decision to hang up her apron having been one of our valued paid staff. We wish Debbie well both in health and for her future. Debbie came in the shop on Friday and was delighted to receive her gifts, a lovely hydrangea and garden vouchers, from a collection from all of us.

Ann Burleigh has also decided to step down after 10 years. One of our original volunteers who has not only been involved with ordering stock, but also a great asset when gaps have appeared on the weekly rota, plus part of the Sunday Team as well. Ann you will be missed.

Our two Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, Emma and Annabel have finished their 6 months with us. We hope you've found the experience useful and enjoyable. Thank you for choosing the Village Shop to do part of your award.

On the plus side, we have 2 new volunteers who are undergoing till training as I write! They are Jane Young and Avril Rance. Welcome to you both and we hope you enjoy it.


Didn't the front table look fabulous for Valentines? It's now decorated predominately for Easter with some delicious Plush chocolate, but there are also some lovely Mothers Day cards on there too. Thank you to everyone who is involved in making it look so lovely.


Have you seen Ascott Village Shops own brand? We now have our name on wine, fudge and biscuits. Check them out, really cool - as the younger generation say! Perhaps after Easter, the front table can promote them as they are pretty special and something for us all to be proud of!


On the whole, I think you'll agree the Fruit and Veg in our shop is displayed attractively. My personal bug is the potato bag. It's like a lucky either pull out a good potato or a mouldy one! So I've started displaying approx 5lbs in a basket with the rest kept out the back. It's much easier for our Customers to see and choose from, and easier for us to check over.


The Committee have been inundated with people coming forward to take over from them as the AGM looms nearer......NOT! I write that with humour by the way, as I have experience with getting new people to come forward for activities. If there is anyone considering their options, then please contact the Committee, thank you.

Please don't forget if there's something you'd like included in this letter, then let Richard or myself know. Thank you.