Hello Everyone, it's Debra here and I've offered to help Richard with the Shop Newsletter, so 'bear with' as they say on television!! Yes, this one is a joint effort, hopefully next month Debra can do most of it, so Debra, Well Done and thanks from me too! Richard.


I just want to say a huge thank you to the 20 or so who helped complete this annual task. Once the count was finished and the data input we made a slight stock profit. Unfortunately we did uncover a large amount of out of date frozen items, c£300. We now need to make sure we keep our shelves topped up from the store-room asap.


Now that the stock take has been completed, Stuart has been able to finalise our results. We ended up with a profit of £1100, compared with a loss last year of £1,767, a turnaround of £2,867. Although sales only increased by ~½%.Overhead savings contributed ~£2k and improved margins ~£1k, at 22.4% a record. Well Done to All! Richard


I guess the first thing to say is that from March, the Newsletter will be available on the shop website, have you seen it? Worth taking a look, especially as that's how the Newsletter will be sent out from now. If anyone has a problem accessing it, please let me or Richard know, so we can add you to the list and get one printed off for you. There will still be one displayed on the notice board in the shop.


Following on from the successful 10 year Anniversary Lunch back in November (where has the time gone?) Bill Heine wrote a brilliant article in the Oxford Mail. If you haven't seen it or you want a copy for your memorabilia, go onto and put in Ascott under Wychwood in the search box. You'll find the article under Jan 10 2014.


The Management Committee would like to invite all volunteers and paid staff to a Shop Meeting on February 12th, to be held in the function room at The Swan. First drink will very kindly be paid by the Committee and will be available from 6.30pm with the meeting starting promptly at 7.00pm

On the Agenda will be:

Update on the shop and Management roles

Potential vacancies on the Committee prior to AGM

Q&A from everyone attending.

Could you please email me, [email protected], by 10th February if you're planning to be there, thank you.


A very big thank you to everyone who has helped fill Debbie's shifts. We wish you well Debbie and we look forward to seeing you on your return.

There's no excuse ... the Valentine Table is on display at the front of the shop ... men (and ladies if I have to be PC!) take note!! It looks lovely and thanks to Margaret and Sue.

Newspaper supplies have continued to be difficult and now we have been warned off getting supplies direct! ... But, Londis have promised to try and let us have more, and in Feb we will monitor if anyone has misunderstood the guidance on pre-orders.

Now we are 10, we have thought we may change the Free Draw slightly. Starting in February, spend will need to be £10 for an entry but prizes will be increased.

For those who have been with the shop from the start, it's at this time of the year you might get that tap on the shoulder. People start talking more about the shop.....Yep, you've guessed it, 'Do you want to join the Shop Committee'? Personally, I've not volunteered as I'm in involved in other committees in the Village, and I appreciate it's also not everyone's cup of tea, but do you know what? There's nothing worse than sitting back and criticising other peoples efforts. It's not always rewarding, it's time consuming AND you don't get paid, but we do have an excellent shop and with your help, we could make it even better ... I just ask you to think about it ...

Have you noticed the book swap shelf above the ice-cream freezer?

I look forward to writing the next Newsletter in March with Richard and if you have any feedback, please don't be shy. With thanks - Debra (and Richard).