Management Team

I hope you may have noticed our Mission Statement, displayed on the spirit stand. These objectives will underpin all our strategies from now on.

Sadly, I have to report that Paul Jackson and now Richard Smith have left our management team. Paul and the marketing team played a large role in pulling together thoughts and ideas to help the management team to develop a strategy for the shop. Apart from Andy Meaden, the rest of the marketing team has also decided they do not wish to continue. Richard Smith's enormous workload has continued longer than hoped, and he has regrettably had to accept he cannot commit adequate time to play a meaningful part of our team.

Clearly this leaves the team much depleted, and has left us with considerable challenges to implement our current plans. If you feel you might be able to help in any way please do get in touch.

10 year Celebration Lunch

What a swell party it was. Around 80 volunteers, partners and guests met for a special celebration lunch at Tiddy Hall to raise a glass to reminisce and remember everyone who has played a part in making the shop the success it has become.

Many community shops have come and gone but Ascott shop shines like a beacon. Our guests (at the opening in 2003) Councillor Hilary Biles and BBC Oxford radio celebrity Bill Heine were in attendance and very impressed they were too with the progress we had made especially the community and volunteer support that has made it all possible. Even David Cameron (on duty in Beijing) was fulsome in his praise and as well as a personal letter he signed a box of House of Commons chocolates which were won in the free raffle by Jim Pearce.

Incidentally, the main prize of a free hamper was won by Roger Shepherd who said he never wins anything. Well, you did this time Roger! So, now we look forward to the next ten years when we can do it all over again! A heartfelt thanks to one and all. John Cull

Performance to end November

Again sales remained better than last year and when combined with the margin also still >22% resulted in a good contribution from sales. Overall we had a small loss of £30, due to the extra costs of the 10th Anniversary Lunch and the front door, still about £550 profit for the year, £3000 up on last year.

Other News in brief

The Tasting and Shopping pm 12 Dec, has been postponed to spring due to a lack of resources to organise.

A reminder COOK discount vouchers are not valid in our shop.

Roxanne has joined our till team, once trained after Xmas, with a little shuffling round we have full cover again.

We must thank Madeline for all her support over the years, Sylvia Benfield will be taking over beer orders.

News supplies have improved, still looking at other options. Please only put names on papers if asked and if a new issue of a magazine arrives and the previous is unsold, please put by till as this should be returned.

More Till operators still required Is there someone else willing to be trained and join the team?

If you think there is anything else which should be included in Shop News or have any other comments please let me know.