Hi again, a lot going on this month which you will read about below ...

Sadly due to health reasons our long-term volunteer Maggie Lyon has had to give up being a till relief person, she will be greatly missed. On behalf of the Management Committee, Maggie, Thanks for all your help over the years. I am glad you are going to carry on helping in whatever way you can, so we will still see you in the shop.

No budding photographers out there? or are there!? Come on have a go!

Sales improvement continues

Costs good, small Profit! To quote Stuart ”...excellent progress with sales this month.” Over £1000 better than last July and we made a small profit which maintains a small profit for the year. You will have seen on the weekly report that footfall is up/down but average spending is still improving.

Our profit margin is still good, 2% higher than last year at ~22.5%. Costs also remained good with reduced wages costs more than offsetting the large a/c repair bill. Waste has also been lower, in fact I monitor FnVeg and last month was a record low 5%, v typical 10%. WELL DONE ALL!

Shop Management Initiatives

Last month I mentioned Richard Smith, John Cull and Paul Jackson, our own consultants, whose objective is to propose SMART recommendations for business improvements. This continues and some of you will have taken part in discussion meetings, another is planned for Monday at 1030 in the pub, do try and attend, they want your views. There is also an Open Forum on 17th in the Swan 1030-1230 why not bring a non-shop-user with you. The Marketing group also just met and a Buying group meeting is planned for 19th.

The trial of high-quality, ready-meals from COOK is going well, and watch this space for further developments later in the year! Also see attached advert.

The biggest NEWS is that we are expecting to introduce daily sales of newspapers and a range of magazines starting in September. This is going to mean quite a few physical changes inside the shop and also to our procedures, so please use the feedback sessions to ask questions and put your views. Its imperative we get this one right to attract new customers from the village.

Other News

A Big Thanks to John, Debbie and especially Sue M for for dealing with a recent shift mix up. Also to ALL who helped cover, what for various reasons, has been a lot of shifts.

Judith Mitchell has introduced her own coding scheme when checking through our stock to help prevent costly waste, look out for those coloured stickers!

Ken James has been repairing the bunker outside the back door to try and make it last a little longer and also added an ingenious catch to assist use of the waste bin.

Following last month's request, Pauline Tam has now taken on the tea-towel and oven-glove washing from Margaret and Sue Mellor, Thanks Pauline! She is also doggedly continuing her training to join the till relief team – keep it up!!

Volunteer Requests: We still need someone to take over buying Holley and Suma from Sue George, interested? contact either Sue or Bridgette.

Rota I am away until 24/8, Mark Dawbarn will be looking after the till rota until then, any problems please let him know, 831632.

Tip of the Month - In response to a few Q's, to clarify we should charge 5p for a plastic bag and ALL of that goes to Sobell House Hospice. Customers could also buy one of our own jute bags.

If you think there is anything else which should be included in Shop News or have any other comments please let me know, it REALLY would be great to get more feedback.

Richard Squires email or tel 830970