Hi again, a lot going on again this month which you will read about below ...

I am having to abbreviate the news this month due to everything else!! so apologies. Also sorry, no photograph this month

Performance to end August

~£100 Profit for the month taking us to £200 YTD compared to £2000 loss last year at this stage. Sales so far this year at £98k are about £1k worse than last year but better margins and overheads more than compensated. Getting sales up is our No1 focus.

Strategic Review The Review team have made an initial report and outlined some recommendations to the management team last month. We have decided to set aside more time at the next meeting to concentrate on the recommendations and developing an action plan. Watch this space!

Bread Deliveries

We need to keep an eye out for the delivery man and make sure he hasn’t left the delivery without us realising, keep checking the bunker.

Greeting Cards

Bridgette has removed the CARD button from the till as all cards now have a barcode attached and so will scan.

Wine & Papers flyer

What a good job the marketing team did with this. It looked so professional! Surely this will attract some new customers!!

Newspaper Sales

Start this weekend, fingers crossed we have planned for all eventualities so hopefully all will go well. Any problems PLEASE contact me, Bridgette or Ash.


The trial continues and sales have been good. We are hoping to be able to sign a contract any time to become a main dealer and then we will get deliveries and sales will be at a better profit margin.


Pauline Tam has made it on to the till team, Well Done!

Sally Jordan is also back on a regular till shift.

Samantha Seccombe has now taken over the Holley order; also Bridgette Suma for the time being, until we have another volunteer.

Sue Richards has gained approval from the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme to enable a couple of local youngsters to join her on her shift as volunteers as part of the DoE Scheme. Ideally we could do with someone else who does the 4-6pm shift to also get approval to enable a few other youngsters to do the same.

Stewart Tiley congratulations! I have just met your new son Jacob.

More Till operators required

Now the summer hols are behind us we have lost any student help. Filling the till shifts is proving hard again. Those who already do regular shifts are having to do extra cover. Is there anyone else willing to be trained and join the team?

A Plea Richard Smith is going to be tied up with a major project at work for the next few months and so I have to carry on as Chairman in addition to looking after Operations, organising the rota, buying FnVeg and Bread, a till shift, the draw, Shop News etc. I need some help! Marketing are going to take over the Shop News, but we need volunteers to offer help with some other tasks, any takers?

If you think there is anything else which should be included in Shop News or have any other comments please let me know, Richard Squires email or tel 830970