Unexpectedly! Hi from me again! Just helping out as the new “journalists” are not quite ready! Clearly the highlight of this month will be our:

10 year Celebration Lunch at Tiddy Hall on 24th November

Planned to celebrate 10 years trading for our shop. Ticket sales are going well but if you know anyone who you think may want to come please remind them, tickets are still on sale in the shop, only £8. I am looking forward to it, it should be a lovely occasion.

I apologise for taking so long to get round to it but at last I have finished the tiling around the work surfaces in the stockroom. I am pleased with it and hope you all are too. It should certainly make it easier to keep the area clean!

It has made the cupboard under the sink look a bit sad! Any ideas what we should do?

Over the last month, new additions have kept appearing in our Magazine rack as titles have been gradually added to our range. Although like our newspapers, margins are fairly small, these are higher value items and so the contribution could build to be significant. If there are other titles you think we should add, please let Bridgette know.

Again: Thanks to the till staff who have had to put up with ever changing guidelines, hopefully we are about there!

Performance to end October

You will have noticed sales going well each week in the reports. This has produced a good monthly result with sales for the year now £1500 better than last year. Our sales margin remains good, >22%, and with costs below expectations, we had a £400 profit for the month, now £600 for the year.

Strategic Review

The Shop Management team is finalising Goals, before going public, and while concentrating on the 10 year celebration, Xmas plans and making a success of newspaper and magazine sales, has started to develop plans for next year and beyond. Winning new customers and increasing sales to our existing customers is still our No1 focus and to that end the Marketing team are making a presentation to our next meeting, later this week.


A bit frustrating! We have signed the contract to become a main dealer but Cook Management have been slow to organise the transfer. At last! Deliveries are imminent, saving Bridgette's frequent trips to Witney!, and remember our sales will then be at a better margin.

Other News

More Till operators still required No volunteers yet! But is there someone else willing to be trained and join the team?

If you think there is anything else which should be included in Shop News or have any other comments please let me know, Richard Squires