Hi again, a lot going on again this month which you will read about below - including NEWS and a new sign!

Performance to end September

Approx £100 Profit for the month taking us to £200 YTD compared to £2000 loss last year at this stage. Sales so far this year at £98k are about £1k worse than last year but better margins and overheads more than compensated. Winning new customers and increasing sales to our existing customers is our No1 focus.

Strategic Review

Following an initial report last month your management team had a long discussion to build teamwork, establish common Goals, then develop more detailed short and medium-term strategies and actions. The Team has agreed common Goals and has started on the latter two. Watch This Space.

Newspaper Sales

Have now been running for about 4 weeks. There has been some problems with non-collections but these appear to have been overcome and the level of returns has fallen. Stage 2, Magazine sales are under-way with more titles being added as available. Huge Thanks to the till staff who have had to put up with some changing guidelines.


We have now been able to sign the contract to become a main dealer. We will shortly get deliveries, saving Bridgette's frequent trips to Witney!, and our sales will be at a better profit margin.


The front window has been re-painted; the fridges/freezers have had their routine inspection, all OK; the internal layout altered to provide space for sales of newspapers. Bargain wines are going really well, our sales are well up and margins being maintained.

10 year celebrations John, Rosemary and Richard working together to organise ... Come and celebrate 10 great years of shop success ... Lunch and pud - all for £8 per head and £5 for under 14's ... Free raffle and bar at shop prices! ... Tickets available in Village Shop from Nov 1st. Final date for tickets Nov 17th.


Thanks Annie, who has now joined Sue gaining approval from the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme to enable more local youngsters to volunteer as part of the DoE Scheme.

More Till operators still required This month Yvette and Pamela Q-L have rejoined as relief till operators, but filling till shifts is never easy. We who already do regular shifts have also to do cover. Is there really no-one else willing to be trained and join the team?

My Plea - Sadly no volunteers to help. This will be my last Shop News, Paul and the marketing team will take over next month. I have also asked Matthew to take on Buying Bread and Fruit 'n Veg, so please help him out.

If you think there is anything else which should be included in Shop News or have any other comments please let Paul Jackson know by email or tel 831967 Regards, Richard Squires