Proud of our shop

The other morning as I opened up with the sun streaming in I thought how lovely the shop looked. I took this photo which doesn't do it justice but maybe you have or can take a better one, if so can you send me a copy.

Can I say what a shame it is that Hilary is leaving us to work for the Coop in Charlbury. We will miss her, lets all say thanks and wish her all the best. Richard.

Sales still down ~5%, margin up yet again!

Hot off the press. Just seen Stuart's analysis for our year to the end of May. Although sales this month have improved we are still around 5% below the same time last year. We continue with fewer shoppers, although average spending is still improving. At last warm days, maybe ice cream sales will soar! I have tried some of the BBQ meats and they were really good.

Continued good news! Our profit margin has improved yet again, now almost 24% compared to 20% last year. This is a combination of good buying choices, price control and reduced waste. Our running costs continue below budget, despite a large chiller repair bill. Once again, we made a small profit, which keeps us around break-even for the year, still
about £1000 better than last year WELL DONE ALL!


Another reminder, the AGM is this week, on 13 June at 7.30pm in Tiddy Hall. Following lengthy discussions I am now confident we will have a good sized Management Committee to take the shop forward for another year. All will be revealed at the meeting!

The new Committee's main task will be to try and win back footfall into the shop. Again we can all help, tell all your friends in the village how great we are, ask them to give us a try. We are now in our 10th year and Anniversary celebrations will be planned for later this year. A further objective for the new Committee will be to put together a strategy to take the shop through the next 5 years, all views will be welcome.

Other News

We have given the go-ahead to re-paint the shop windows using some better paint which should last longer, this is likely to happen over the next month.

Bill Prewitt has agreed to look after our garden and the car park.

The Pub has re-opened, Hurrah!!, albeit briefly at the moment, but I understand properly from the end of the month once the renovations have been completed. I have already had some useful discussions with the new owners and am hopeful we can come up with some mutually beneficial supply arrangements, keep you posted.

If you think there is anything else which should be included in Shop News or have any other comments please let me know, it would be great to get some feedback.

Richard Squires