Hilary’s Presentation

Well Hilary got a good send off. Really pleased it was well attended and I am sure she was pleased to see so many of you there. She was also really delighted with her flowers and garden centre voucher. Her hours have now been covered by a combination of Dorothy and Matt, with Carol Squires and Margaret volunteering to cover Wednesday opening. THANKS

Proud of our shop

Still waiting for any better photos of the shop, come on you budding photographers! Don’t forget to spread the word to others in the village about how good the shop is!! Sales improved, Costs good, small Profit! There was some improvement in June’s sales, now around 4 % below the same time last year. There has been some signs of improved footfall and average spending is still improving. The good weather helps. We now have a good range of BBQ produce in the shop including some fantastic sea food, some of which is going on my BBQ today! Our profit margin couldn’t maintain its meteoric rise, although still good, 2% higher than last year at ~22.5%. Our overheads included some extra wages costs to cover holidays but are still on budget overall and over £1000 better than last year. Again, we made a small profit, which takes us above break-even for the year WELL DONE ALL!

Management Committee Update

Last week we held the first full meeting of the new group. Over the next few weeks, you may see Richard Smith, John Cull and Paul Jackson around the shop more than usual as they are conducting a business review, our own consultants! Their objective is to propose SMART recommendations for business improvements to the management team over the next month, please give them all the assistance you can. Paul will also be getting together with his new marketing team to start putting together plans to try and win back footfall into the shop. If you have any ideas let him know. Once again, we can all help, tell all your friends in the village how great we are and ask them to give us a try. Bridgette is trialling some high-quality, ready-meals from COOK of Witney, why not give them a try she would welcome the feedback.

Other News

Bill Prewitt has started to tidy up our garden and around the shop and car park. You can already see the difference. Well Done Bill! The damaged cable has now been replaced and the new light fitted under the cupboards, should be able to finish off the tiling etc shortly.

Au-revoir to Laura Quirke-L, who is moving on after a couple of years as a relief till operator.

The Pub has bought a £50 shop voucher to use as star prize in their Monday quiz.

Volunteer Requests: Is anyone prepared to take on the tea-towel and oven-glove washing from Margaret and Sue Mellor? Also we need someone to take over buying Holley and Suma from Sue George, interested? contact either Sue or Bridgette.

Tip of the Month - Ann Burleigh gave me a good idea I wish to pass on, its simple – use a sheet of baking parchment when cooking in the oven, it certainly saves scraping off any sticky bits from the trays! If you have any ideas we could share around, please let me know.

If you think there is anything else which should be included in Shop News or have any other comments please let me know, it would be great to get some feedback.

Richard Squires